The Campaign

This campaign is different than any other that has gone before it.  Rather than conform to the political paradigm that is failing this Country, it creates a new one.  Rather than depending on money, it depends on an aggressive application the First Amendment.  You've said that you want a non-partisan candidate who has the wisdom to know the right thing to do ... and the integrity to do it.  Now, you've got one.

Traditional Parties and their candidates are afraid to stray from the rules because the rules have always worked in the past, and neither Party can expose the other because they're both playing by the same rules.

The rules have just changed!



How Can the NEW Paradigm Work?

The New Paradigm is based upon the advent of social networking along with two of the fundamental rights that are described in the First Amendment.  To create a truly successful grass roots movement:

For Those Who Say, “It’s Too Late To Enter The Race” ...

Given the extreme advancements that have been made in communication technology, why would anyone think that it should take a true Leader more than a year to clearly articulate his or her positions relative to our Nation’s highest priorities?

For Those Who Say, “You Can't Raise Enough Money” ...

You're trapped in the old paradigm.  I’m not running a traditional campaign.  I’m not trying to buy an election.  I can't run out of money because my campaign strategy isn't dependent upon it.  I’m here to stay ... and I’ll still be here on November 6th, 2012.

For Those Who Say, “You Can’t Win” ...

I’m not playing a game.  There is no such thing as “winning” the Presidency.  I am applying for the ultimate position in civil service, and I’m basing my candidacy upon my passion for our Country, my leadership experience, my decision-making skills, my fearless commitment to the truth, and my relentless focus on finding the best solutions for America.

I place my faith in the American people; that they are beginning to see through the facade of current Party paradigm; and that they will fully embrace the new paradigm that I offer ... because it is in their best interests ... and the best interests of our Nation.


The Political PARTY Paradigm

The NEW Paradigm

“Create” a candidate using poll data, political strategists, and professional writers to fit the desired perception

No pollsters, political strategists, or professional writers

  • You're entitled to know what I know ... and what I don't know (but will research to become completely knowledgeable)
  • You're entitled to know my opinion (not a strategist's interpretation of data as expressed by a writer's script)
  • You're entitled to know that I will be making the decisions rather than a cadre of individuals you didn't elect

Raise a massive sum of money

Only a modest sum of money will be required to cover filing fees, telephone and Internet service, and limited travel expense

  • No money will be spent on television or radio ads that denigrate other candidates and insult your intelligence
  • No money will be spent on on billboards, bumper stickers, lawn signs or unsolicited campaign literature that assumes you would cast your vote on name recognition alone
  • No money will be accepted from PACs, other campaign committees or bundlers who traditionally have been used to raise and / or launder money

Spend every penny (or save any balance for future political campaigns)

Campaign funds will be managed conservatively, and any residual balance will be donated to designated charities

Denigrate opposing candidates

While I reserve the right to disagree with their positions, I will not denigrate the other candidates

Blame the other Party

My service will be characterized by the phrase:  “Fix the problem ... not the blame”

Promise anything to curry favor with special interests that can donate money and provide votes

I take the Oath of Office very seriously, and it defines what should be promised:  “I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

Win at all costs

Serving the people of the United States is not a game ... it’s not about “winning” ... it’s about doing what's right

Cover your tracks

As the old adage says, “When you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember what you said”

Pay back major donors and organizers with political access, appointments and legislative favors

I will grant access, make appointments, and reach decisions based upon merit alone

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T.J. O’Hara - Candidate for President of the United States