The FREEDOM Process

Over the years, I have found that it is helpful to resolve complex issues into their key components.  To apply this principle to the issues that are confronting our Nation, I have created The FREEDOM Process in which:

Fundamental policy statements can be aligned within The FREEDOM Process, which is the way I will organize my  positions for your convenience.  It can also be used as a basis for determining whether a particular solution can be further enhanced in a way that could favorably impact additional policy elements. 

In that latter capacity, The FREEDOM Process provides a path that can be followed to question each recommended course of action to see if it can be enhanced to address additional issues.  You should always question a candidate's position (including mine).  It may lead to a better solution ... and it will always lead to helping you become more informed as a voter.

Your right to vote bears a significant responsibility:  the need to make informed decisions.  You shouldn't let a television ad, a political pundit, or a bumper sticker influence your decision.  Take the time to become informed about the issues and the candidates.  Every vote counts, and your vote represents your contribution to the future.  Please take your responsibility seriously.

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T.J. O’Hara - Candidate for President of the United States