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March Madness: #1 seeds go to the U.S. and Russia in Ukraine

Hoop DreamsRANCHO SANTA FE, Ca., March 17, 2014 – March Madness is in the air and spilling into international politics. Is Ukraine the site of the global Final Four, or is it just another early round battle of a few lower seeds that serve as sacrificial lambs for the two heavy favorites? Do you even remember how the countries made it into the “tournament”?

In case you have forgotten, the recent upheaval in Ukraine began when its duly-elected President Yanukovych refused to sign a trade agreement with the European Union (EU) in favor of pursuing stronger ties with Russia … Read more

President Obama on Egypt: No coup; no strategy

APTOPIX Mideast EgyptRANCHO SANTA FE, Ca., August 20, 2013 – As chaos and killings return to the streets of Egypt, the aftermath of the Arab Spring has lost its political romance. Correspondingly, our Nation’s lack of a definitive foreign policy, particularly with respect to the Middle East, now stands front and center on the world stage. It’s time to explore what can be done to correct that.

President Obama has been consistent in his approach: respond rather than lead; and promote confusion rather than clarity. These may seem to be harsh criticism, but let’s examine the record … Read more

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