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FREEDOM: A resource policy for energy and the environment (Part 1)

Policy - Resource - Part 1RANCHO SANTA FE, Ca., October 13, 2014 – Energy and the environment are inextricably combined, yet rarely discussed within the context of a national resource policy. Then again, we really do not have a national resource policy or any other clearly articulated policy for that matter. Let’s fix that by crafting an intelligent resource policy that inures to the benefit of our Nation’s core interests for both our generation and future ones … Read more

FREEDOM: A ‘Common Core’ enhancement for political leaders

FREEDOM ImageRANCHO SANTA FE, Ca., September 22, 2014 – Whether the Common Core State Standards Initiative is a success or failure, it was spawned by the plummeting performance of the public education system in the United States. Given the plummeting performance of our political leaders, perhaps it is time to consider establishing a set of expectations for those who aspire to provide leadership but seem to consistently fall short of the mark. Allow me to reintroduce The FREEDOM Process™  … Read more


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