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FREEDOM: The unfounded and unfunded myths of entitlement

Policy - MinisterialRANCHO SANTA FE, Ca., November 21, 2014 – Our elected officials have a ministerial duty to create and administer the law without allowing their personal ideologies to affect this responsibility. They are not supposed to abuse whatever limited discretion they may have nor are they to perform their mission with improvidence. Based upon those criteria, they have failed miserably when it comes to what have become known as “entitlements” … Read more

Oprah faces racism as Obama focuses on middle class

obama-swings-oprah-screams_s640x427RANCHO SANTA FE, Ca., August 13, 2013 — Breaking news: Racism apparently still exists elsewhere in the world while the United States continues to lead in bitter ironies.

Given recent reports of racism in our country, one might have reached a conclusion that we had a monopoly on it. Yet, Oprah Winfrey claims to have experienced it first-hand when, recently in Zurich, Switzerland, she was denied the right to examine a $38,000 handbag.

Almost coincidentally, President Obama graced us with a rare press conference in which his opening remarks addressed the plight of the shrinking middle class in America just before he left for his vacation in Martha’s Vineyard.

Given that chain of events, let’s have a real conversation about poverty and our shrinking middle class … Read more

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