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T.J. O’Hara is an internationally recognized author, speaker and strategic consultant in the field of politics. He is the author of three books and has written recurring political columns for Community Digital News and The Washington Times. He also serves as a political commentator for a number of television news networks and as a featured guest on a wide variety of radio programs as well as the co-host of a political talk show on the east coast.

Mr. O’Hara is Principal Political Analyst for IVN (the Independent Voter Network); an organization whose mission is to raise the level of civil discourse to a place where solutions are more persuasive than talking points and participation is not conditioned upon Party affiliation. IVN provides a variety unfiltered political news and policy analysis across the political spectrum and encourages the sharing of diverse political viewpoints through constructive dialogue.

Correspondingly, Mr. O’Hara’s ongoing column, A Civil Assessment, has a robust history of stimulating a balanced discussion of today’s most challenging political issues. It provides a forum within which all positions are invited as long as they are fact-based and articulated in a civil manner.

In addition to his media appearances as well as his writing and speaking about politics around the globe, T.J. O’Hara has personal experience in the political arena: In 2012, he became the leading independent candidate for the Office of President of the United States.

Along the way, he was honored to have earned the first endorsement of the venerable Whig Party since the 1850s (a period during which the Whig Party enjoyed four consecutive Presidents). He also became the first candidate to win the web-based “Virtual Presidency” associated with the poll conducted by We Want You.

This unique poll sought to provide a forum in which the quality of the candidates’ solutions could take precedence over their ability to raise and spend money. On November 6th, T.J. O’Hara won this poll after receiving a staggering 77.91 percent of the vote. Barack Obama (Democrat) finished a distant second with 5.81 percent of the vote and Mitt Romney (Republican) finished third with 5.23 percent of the vote [followed in order by Dr. Lawrence Kotlikoff (Independent), Gary Johnson (Libertarian Party) and Dr. Jill Stein (Green Party)].

Mr. O’Hara’s Presidential campaign was distinguished by the contrasts it created with respect to those of the more traditional candidates:

  • He restricted campaign contributions to eligible citizens, which precluded PACs and other campaign committees from exercising any influence over his campaign;
  • He voluntarily limited campaign contributions to a level that effectively create parity among all individual contributors, which eliminated any possibility that money could be used to buy influence;
  • He pledged to serve as a full-time President, which exposed the traditional practice of Party Presidents who travel throughout the country (wasting time and taxpayer money) to proselytized their Party’s position, fundraise on behalf of their Party, campaign on behalf of other Party candidates, and campaign for their own re-election (the latter of which Mr. O’Hara asserted should be unnecessary since an incumbent’s record should speak for itself);
  • He pledged to serve as an independent President, which would allow him to define our Nation’s problems, identify their root cause, and select from among all available alternatives to serve the best interests of the People rather than require his perspective to conform to the best interests a particular political Party; and
  • He rejected opportunities to give prepared speeches or to limit the subject matter that was to be covered in any of his appearances and, instead, insisted upon open Q&A discussions that could cover any topic the host or audience chose to pursue because he strongly believed that the People should have the right to fully vet the breadth and depth of a Presidential candidate … at least once in their lives.

The goal of Mr. O’Hara’s candidacy was to create a more informed electorate and draw attention to the failings of our Nation’s current two-party environment. In that regard, he clearly “won” his campaign, and he continues to work with political organizations (such as IVN) that are focused on removing the barriers to political choice that exist and to encourage citizens to respect the responsibility that is inherent in their privilege to vote. It is easy to see why so many people and organizations continue to ask, “Will you please run again?”

In 2016, Mr. O’Hara provided policy and strategic counsel to presidential and senatorial candidates in both the primary and general elections. He is currently available for public sector consulting, mentoring, speaking engagements and media appearances. To explore such engagements with Mr. O’Hara, please contact us.

For additional information about T.J. O’Hara, please visit his Curriculum Vita as well as his profile and recommendations on LinkedIn. Additionally, if you are interested in exploring his 2012 Presidential website, its content is available in the 2012 Presidential Campaign Archive.

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