Past Column: A President for the People

(Political commentary by T.J. O’Hara originally published in the Communities of The Washington Times – now archived in the Communities Digital News)

01/17/2013 – Gun control:  Is the target practical or political?

01/01/2013 – Emancipation: 150 years old and needing expansion

12/20/2012 – Replace the fiscal cliff with a political one

11/19/2012 – Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address: Relevant but ignored

11/05/2012 – Selling your vote to the Democrats or Republicans

10/26/2012 – The 1st Amendment and the failure of a Free Press

08/14/2012 – America: When would you like your wake-up call?

07/04/2012 – The Declaration of Independence: Circa 2012

06/28/2012 – Mandate constitutional but healthcare still broken

06/18/2012 – How Americans Elect became Americans’ Regret

04/22/2012 – Humanitarian Relief: NGOs and the U.S. Government

04/19/2012 – The issue of oil examined by The FREEDOM Process

04/12/2012 – Energy and the environment: An inseparable pair

03/21/2012 – A rational foreign policy solution for Afghanistan

03/20/2012 – Foreign policy: A rational approach for the US

03/12/2012 – Presidential policy formation and The FREEDOM Process

03/08/2012 – Super PACs, Super Tuesday, supercilious politicians

03/02/2012 – What if the presidency weren’t for sale?

02/15/2012 – Politics won’t be a team sport when I’m President

02/15/2012 – Mr. President: You’d sell 14,000 buildings; I’d use them

02/07/2012 – Democrats and Republicans beware: A President for the People

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