Private and Public Sector organizations have four choices:

  • They can endure a decline;
  • They can embrace the status quo;
  • They can accept incremental improvement; or
  • They can strive to achieve exceptional results.

If your organization seeks to achieve exceptional results rather than endure a decline, embrace the status quo, or merely accept incremental improvement, it undoubtedly will require transformational change. In turn, transformational change requires an innovative approach guided by a principled and unbiased perspective; a service that only can be provided by an experienced, independent and impartial consultant like T.J. O’Hara.

“Transformational change doesn’t come from doing things bigger, better or faster. It comes from starting from a different place.”

– R. Douglas Carter, Behaviorist and Professional Trainer

Transformational change, as the quote suggests, requires that you begin from “a different place.” For most organizations, this is almost an impossible task to accomplish without professional outside assistance.

The extraordinary breadth and depth of T.J. O’Hara’s experience allows him to help organizations better understand their current state, identify opportunities that can lead to sustainable competitive advantages, and develop strategies and tactics that can be executed with present or attainable resources within a define time frame.

If your challenge requires a situation assessment and/or problem resolution, Mr. O’Hara will work with you and your team to properly define each issue and identify its root cause. Then, he’ll work with you to evaluate every viable alternative (taking into consideration any applicable time and resource limitations you may have) and help you weigh any adverse consequences associated with such alternatives, so you can select and deploy the best possible solution.

T.J. O’Hara also provides pre- and post-transaction assistance to organizations concerning their most complex strategic initiatives and negotiations. These may include matters involving major clients, alliances, or acquisitions and divestitures in the private sector, or platform issues, political strategies and message framing in the public sector. In any case, you may rely on Mr. O’Hara’s  expertise, creativity and extreme confidentiality.

Beyond traditional business and political issues, achieving transformational change always involves a behavioral element. As a certified facilitator, keynote speaker and consultant for Legacy Business Cultures, Mr. O’Hara is extremely knowledgeable in the neuroscience that drives the beliefs that impact behavior. Through his relationship with Legacy Business Cultures, he can offer clients a cutting-edge staff development and survey capabilities that are designed to help your organization reinforce a respectful, values-driven culture and dramatically improve both internal and external performance metrics.

To explore such engagements with Mr. O’Hara, please contact us.

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