Every true leader recognizes the importance of having a mentor: someone in whom they can confide; someone with whom they can discuss challenging issues; someone upon whom they can rely for an honest, well-informed opinion. T.J. O’Hara has the experience and the empathy to perform this role at the level you have the right to expect. He will work with you in strictest confidence to vet the issues that challenge you in your position of leadership as well as those for which you simply need an unbiased third-party opinion.

As an outside observer, you can rely on Mr. O’Hara. to offer independent insight, free from the organizational politics that inherently distort internally-based opinions. He recognizes the complexity and importance of your decisions and has the background to bring additional vision to the table.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Mr. O’Hara views it as his responsibility to tell you the truth.  He will tell you what you need to hear rather than only what you want to hear. In that regard, he just might be the most important resource you could ever have.

To explore such engagements with Mr. O’Hara, please contact us.

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