Curriculum Vitae - T.J. O'Hara


Strategic Consultant, Author, Speaker, and Media Personality

T.J. also serves as:

  • Principal Political Analyst for the Independent Voter News (IVN)
  • The host of Deconstructed (a show that breaks down current issues and political candidacies with distinguished guests)


Private Sector

  • Transformational Change (at the organization and individual levels)
  • Contract Structure and Negotiation
  • Strategic Assessment, Alternative Analysis, and Problem Resolution
  • Strategic Marketing/Communications 
  • Mentoring (senior executives)
  • Coaching (public speakers)

Public Sector

  • Political consulting (federal and state-level candidates)
  • Issues assessment and recommendations (policy issues
  • Strategic Marketing/Communications


T.J. O’Hara currently accepts speaking engagements and media appearances for both public and private sector clients
In both cases, he illuminates the behavioral elements that are necessary to drive change and inspires people and organizations to achieve transformative improvement


The political trilogy:

  • The Left isn’t Right (a satirical assessment of the Democratic National Committee’s Platform)
  • The Right is Wrong (a satirical assessment of the Republican National Committee’s Platform)
  • The National Platform of Common Sense (a satirical platform based upon what might happen if we actually honored the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the other constitutional Amendments)

Nationally published articles for IVN, CDN, and The Washington Times Communities (See Article Library)


Independent Candidate for the Office of President of the United States (2012)

  • First Presidential candidate endorsed by the Whig Party since the 1850s
  • Winner of the first “Virtual” President of the United States poll (conducted by We Want You)

BUSINESS EXPERIENCE (in chronological order with most recent first)

  • VerdaSee Solutions, Inc. (State-of-the-Art, advanced GPS/RFID tracking systems providing data collection at the edge)
    • Chief Strategic Officer
  • Bachrach & Associates, Inc. (Professional development firm in the Financial Services industry)
    • President and Chief Executive Officer
  • SupplyPro, Inc. (Automated inventory control and supply chain management systems – HW / SW / ASP architecture)
    • President and Chief Executive Officer
    • President and Chief Operating Officer
    • Executive Vice President, Sales and Business Development
    • Executive Vice President, Business Development 
  • Corporate Express, Inc. ( Multi-billion dollar, multinational company – B2B document and print management systems)
    • Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing
  • Moore Corporation Ltd. (Multi-billion dollar, multinational company – business forms, document and information management systems, including Auto-ID and BPO)
    • Vice President, Marketing / Corporate Strategy – Moore Corporation Ltd.
    • Vice President, Marketing – Moore Document Solutions
    • Vice President, Marketing and Business Development – Moore Labels and Label Systems Division 
  • Bar-coded Management Systems (BMS), Inc. (Auto-ID systems integration company and Platinum-level VAR)
    • President and Chief Operating Officer
  • The SPECTRA Group, Inc. (C-level consulting boutique: M&A, strategic planning, and strategic marketing)
    • Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
    • President and Chief Operating Officer
  • The Reynolds & Reynolds Company (Fortune 500 Company – business forms, document management, and distributed print architecture)
    • Vice President, New Development (Acquisition Integration and Advanced R&D)
    • Vice President, Chief Strategic Officer (Acquisition Integration)
    • Vice President, Sales and Marketing – Business Forms and Systems Division
    • Managing Director, Business Forms and Systems Division
    • Assistant to the President / Director – Acquisitions and Divestitures
    • Manager – Manufacturing 
    • Supervisor – Inventory Control
  • American Management Association
    • National Lecturer on Financial Analysis
  • Private Law Practice and Of Counsel (for another firm)
    • Litigation and Contract Negotiation
  • Tennis Professional
  • Cincinnati Bell, Inc.
    • Planning
    • Transmission Design
    • Central Office
    • PBX/CENTREX Engineering


T.J. O’Hara has served on numerous Boards and Committees for corporate, charitable, educational, and social organizations in a wide variety of sectors including:

  • Cancer Research (Chair)
  • Computer Hardware, Software, and Application Companies
  • Consulting Services (Chair)
  • Financial Services (2) (Chair)
  • Multi-Media Production (Secretary/Treasurer)
  • Private Club and Resorts (Chair)
  • Professional Development Services
  • Retail Merchants
  • Systems Integration Services
  • University Business Advisory Boards
    • University of Cincinnati
    • Wright State University


Juris Doctorate – University of Cincinnati

Distinctions (partial listing):

  • C. Fleishman Scholarship
  • College of Law Honors Scholarship
  • John P. Rattigan Award (Medical/Legal Jurisprudence)

Moore Executive MBA – Northwestern University

  • Corporate Program through Kellogg Graduate School of Business

Bachelor of Science – University of Cincinnati

  • Industrial Management

Distinctions (partial listing):

  • Summa Cum Laude
  • Dean’s List (Industrial Management)
  • Dean’s List (Electrical Engineering)
  • Professional Practice Dean’s List (Electrical Engineering)
  • Beta Gamma Sigma (National Business Honorary)
  • Sigma Iota Epsilon (National Management Honorary